About Nadya Milos

nadNadya began studying art since when she was 10, at children’s art school.

Having studied it for 7 years special interest was shown to the painting. And then Nadya decided to take up painting professionally, completing her Masters Degree in 2004 in Moscow state edagogical University (MSPU) on art-graphic faculty. There she studied academic school of painting, drawing, composition, and studied art history both Russian and World art, also the teaching of the relevant disciplines.

In 2004 Nadya took the comprehensive Foundation Art and Design course at The British Higher School of Art and Design (Moscow) in close partnership with the School of the Creative Arts of the University of Hertfordshire. Later she also studied Art Therapy at IMATON Institute in St. Petersburg.She tried various careers. Worked as a professional graphic designer, as a teacher in the kids club and as an art therapist. In parallel Nadya was a private tutor in drawing for children and adults. While working she has developed her own methodology. Based on the classic program of the academic school of drawing, painting and composition, she added elements of art therapy and a variety of techniques to motivate children.

From 2005 to 2009 Nadya has worked at the Moscow Center for Curative Pedagogics and Differential learning with special children with disabilities. Multiple diagnoses of their diseases made them virtually unteachable. A group of teachers – enthusiasts worked with these children, developing their own techniques. They based on Waldorf school methods bringing in their best for these children. Watercolor painting, clay modeling, felting, candle making, dancing, playing musical instruments, poetry, gardening and beautiful walks through the woods – everything that helped disabled children to make their way in the world. “These children need a completely different attitude and approach without any cliché and stereotypes, true out of the box thinking.

They don’t need your tears and your compassion, but rather positive emotions and deep understanding. We tried to decipher their moves, gestures and sounds to understand them and help. And finally when we saw children going out of anxiety and stress, starting laughing, showing joy and happiness — this joy was mutual. Experience with these children has taught me not to close your eyes to the pain, fear and sufferings of others, to accept the uniqueness of the soul of different people.”

Then Nadya continued to work as a teacher of academic drawing and painting to adults and children in the art school Inspiration. There she works up to date. The school offers classical academic University programs. From the basics to the most complicated form of drawing models, landscapes, genre paintings. All teachers are taking an active part in developing schools programs and methodology.

Nadya also loves taking her students on the plein air practice. «Over the years my students have learned a lot. Plein air painting is a great teacher. It helps to understand why you need a fast and productive thinking as well as feeling. Plein air is the moment of truth. Starting with simple compositions of landscapes we gradually get to complex ones, including architecture and
people. Gradually we increase the sizes of the canvases. Plein air practice helps my students to develop all of their skills and work better at school courses.»

Nadya has more than 80 students. Some of them started showing their works at exhibitions of young artists. Nadya’s works are regularly shown together with her students’ paintings at the Inspiration Art School exhibitions. There are plans for further exhibitions at the Moscow galleries.

All these formed Nadya as an artist. She was always painting looking for her own style. Apart from formal education she took private lessons at the professional artist’s workshop, studied the works of her favorite artists and techniques of the great masters. Taught herself while teaching others at the same time. Nadya thinks she is the successor of the Russian painting school.

«In my work I rely on the classical realist school of painting, but prefer the styles with the most expressive intense colors. Among my favorite artists are Korovin, Levitan, Serov, Seams, Fechin, Tkatchev brothers, Monet…» – says Nadya about her inspirations and favorites.

She loves painting and does it every spare moment, but she was also very happy when she finally got recognition and got her works for exhibitions and private collections. Now Nadya is a member of International Art Fund. She regularly participates in various exhibitions in Russia and USA. Her recent project GOLF (cycle of paintings) was exhibited at the International Golf Club (Moscow), Miami Gallery and Miami Art Basel in December 2015.




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